Aquaponics: A Quick Start Guide

Don’t forget to visit our resources page where you can find a downloadable version of our publication Aquaponics: A Quick Start Guide. It has all the information you need to start building your own home system! Files also included below: (they can be printed double-sided on A3 to create a foldable booklet)



5 thoughts on “Aquaponics: A Quick Start Guide

  1. tinyallotment says:

    Fantastic post. We are in the process of building a geodesic dome greenhouse that will ultimately house an off grid aquaponics system. I will follow your blog with interest.


    • alicejanewoods says:

      Thanks so much – glad you enjoyed our post. I’ll look forward to seeing your dome, we are actually building one too!! We are also in the process of building a couple of different bike-based generators to power our system and get a little exercise at the same time 🙂 so more posts to come on that soon.
      Very best,


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